Education and Training

Education and training were blessed gifts at commencement, which were granted by the admission of 186 students from pre-school level to the fifth-grade level in the year 1994. And we truly believe through the blessings of the day we started, today we have succeeded to host approximately around 5000 students under the efforts of 600 human forces in 13 educational units.

  • Pre-school Level: The new entrants get involved in popular educational fields in an independent space, and engage in creative learning of language skills, computer skills, robotics, gymnastics, reciting songs, creative rehearsals, etc. all under the influence of the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • Primary School Level: Every year, a significant number of our students are accepted in special schools for brilliant talents and exemplary students. They also obtain excellent ranks in cultural, artistic, and sports festivals and competitions, and both boys and girls own the title of the Champion of the Champions.
  • High school level (first period (Elementary School)): Acceptance of a considerable number of students in special high schools for brilliant talents, obtaining excellent grades in scientific tests, obtaining excellent grades in Math Tourney Team Tests, robotics, and science laboratories, obtaining top grades in festivals and competitions.
  • High school level (second period (Secondary School)): Annual growth in our students’ achievement of the passing ranks in the National University Entrance Exam, the top ranks in Kharazmi Festivals, and students’ being nationally selected in the field of chemistry laboratory, success in registration of two patents by male students, and achievement of the required qualifications for the National Olympiads