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School goals and programs in order of priority: Creating a happy environment Creating a spirit of cooperation Order and discipline Respect for elders Spreading culture in the field of environmental protection Strengthening self-confidence and self-belief in students Growth of creativity and innovation Ethics and social etiquette The importance of understanding the Quran and applying it in life Using technology in teaching Strengthening the religious dimension of students Reducing bad moral behavior, including lying Objectives of the annual program Strengthening religious beliefs and national and religious beliefs Creating a happy environment for physical and mental relaxation of students Creating a spirit of cooperation Establishing discipline and institutionalizing it among students Respect for elders Spreading the culture of protecting the environment, especially the correct use of water and saving water Strengthening self-confidence and self-belief in students Topics of the teachers' council Classroom management strategies - the effect of teacher's behavior on the formation of students' personality, especially at the sensitive age of puberty Mental Health Early puberty and its problems The importance of exercise in learning Teacher development with a professional ethics approach Creating healthy and constructive competition between students The effect of satellite and social networks on students and the correct guidance of students Effective factors in having a happy school How to make students creative? Ways to increase self-confidence Strategies to increase students' interest in hijab Late learning children and how to deal with them Creativity and its cultivation methods Reasons for academic failure Reasons for excessive fatigue of teachers Teacher development with a professional ethics approach
Girls' primary school, first period, district two Jaberban Hayan's plan What is Jabir's plan? Jaber Plan or Jabarban Hayan is the name of a plan that has been notified to elementary schools by the Ministry of Education in recent years. Participation in the Jabarban Hayan project is not only done by elementary schools in Iran, but also in neighboring countries. For example, in Russia, this research project is very well received. How to implement Jabir's plan As mentioned, Jaber's plan is a research-oriented plan and often focuses on students' practical constructions and experiments related to their lesson points. However, it is sometimes observed that students participate in the documenting and background research of this plan and are awarded. In relation to the implementation of Jabir's plan, the working steps are as follows: first, the circular is announced by the Department of Education to the schools of the region, and the school administrators expose this circular and instructions to the students. After the students are informed about the contents of the circular, those who are interested in participating in the project start their planning and adjust their plan and project under the supervision of the guidance teacher. What are the parts of Jaber's plan? Jaber's plan includes the following: Background research Workbook Handmade Background research of Jaber plan In the background research of Jaberban Hayan project, it is necessary to observe the following points: The title of Jaberban Hayan's plan Definition Photos related to the completed documents Gratitude to the group members and their supporters Classification 6-Conclusion 7- Sources and references The Jaberban Hayyan project is carried out in six elementary grades, which are categorized as follows in each grade: Jabir plan for the first grade of elementary school (in the form of contextual research) Jabir's plan for the second grade of elementary school (in the form of contextual research) Jabir project of the third grade of elementary school (in the form of contextual research) Jabir plan for the fourth grade of elementary school (as an experiment) Jaber plan for the fifth grade of elementary school (as an experiment and hand-made) Jaber plan for the sixth grade of elementary school (as an experiment and hand-made) Jaberban Hayan project record book Jaber's project record book is actually referred to as written documents that are provided to project judges about Jaber's project. In fact, every student who, either individually or in a group, prepares and adjusts Jabir's plan and project, must write down all the activities performed in the form of a list in a notebook called Jabir's project record book from the very beginning. With this, the process of the activities carried out in this regard is completely clear and the problems and limitations of the implementation of the plan are more concrete.