The main mission (or the existential philosophy) of The Cultural Charity Institution of Hazrat Javad Al-Aemeh (AS) as a foundation includes:

- Understanding religious, educational, cultural, and social needs, necessities, and gaps

- Benevolent intentions and good cause

- Getting inspired by Islamic teachings and benefitting from human experiences and scientific achievements

-Utilizing and organizing committed, professional, and cohesive forces to nurture and educate individuals

— relying on children, adolescents, and the youth

— and carrying out specific cultural, charitable, and social activities.


Future prospects

 - Becoming a top provincial educational, cultural, and social institution, which is prominently active both nationally and internationally.


The most important functions of the institution

 - Educational, Research

– Cultural, Sports, and Art

 - Charity

 - Economic

 - Medical and health

- Social


Distinguishing features of the institution

 - Continuity of education

 - A Healthy educational environment

 - Quality of services

 - Appropriate physical facilities

 - A Variety of activities

 - Efficient and truly responsive management team

- Emphasis on cultural, national, and religious values of the institution


The target population, children, adolescents, family, colleagues

 Other stakeholders:

 The whole community, and government organizations, such as The Education and Training System, Higher Education Institutions, Culture and Guidance Office, Rehabilitation Organization, Relief Committees, etc.